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Welcome to your neighborhood gathering place, a tucked-away central hub within the communities of Broomfield, Lafayette, Superior, and Louisville. A family-owned/operated spot where the food we offer is made by our dedicated chefs who take pride in preparing dishes from scratch and designing a menu to offer a range of options to meet the needs of our community. Pair that with a craft cocktail, mocktail, wine, or a local beer and all delivered right to your table by our friendly staff that truly cares about the experience we provide our guests as a team. We are all about creating a comfortable environment with high-quality drinks and eats with exceptional service that allows you to relax while we do the work. Leave the cooking and cleaning to us and enjoy time with friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, or a date night.

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Create memories to last a lifetime with our personalized private party options. Let our team help you plan an unforgettable celebration. Whether you're celebrating a milestone, hosting a corporate event, or just gathering with friends, our restaurant is the perfect setting.


About us

A truly local experience

We began as Redgarden Brewery. We've embarked on a transformative journey, thoughtfully shifting our focus and rebranding to John's Table Kitchen and Bar. In a world that constantly evolves, we recognized the need to adapt and grow. 

The decision to rebrand emerged from a desire to offer more than just great beer; we wanted to create a space where every element of dining - from the food and drink to the ambiance and service - resonates with the warmth of a family gathering. 

This transformation wasn’t overnight. Over two years, We meticulously evolved Redgarden, keeping the community's changing tastes and needs at the forefront. Every change, from the menu to the ambiance, was thoughtfully implemented to align with our vision of a kitchen and bar that truly reflects our identity and meets the aspirations of our patrons. 

This change is our commitment to offering a space where quality dining and heartfelt hospitality are the norms. By offering a menu that emphasizes fresh, dynamic foods, we’re not only elevating the dining experience but also supporting local farmers and producers. Our dedication to featuring local breweries remains, continuing our tradition of celebrating the best our region has to offer in craft beer.

The name "John's Table" is a heartfelt homage to Alex’s grandfather and his restaurant, John's Place. From generations of service industry. Those who understand the importance of quality time. Those who want to share the magic of an experience. Many family members, spanned across several generations, have worked in hospitality. Whether they made it a profession or not, the importance of gathering remained. We thank them for creating this culture. It gave us the framework and motivation into creating the place you love to frequent. 

We started our journey with individual pursuits of degrees in various fields, but it was our shared experiences of a combined 30+ years in the restaurant industry through what started as a way to earn money through high school and college that ultimately revealed our true calling. As the years passed, We began to realize that our passion was rooted in creating memorable dining experiences. 

The realization came not as a sudden epiphany, but as a gradual understanding that our most cherished moments were those spent together around the table, sharing stories and savoring homemade dishes and drinks.  

We saw it not just as a business venture, but as an opportunity to enrich the lives of  the community we serve. Ultimately, restaurant hospitality is about more than just serving food and drinks. It’s about creating an environment where you feel comfortable, valued, and well-cared for. We strive to do this by providing an experience that feels like coming home. 

-Alex and Kelli Gianopoulos


1700 Dogwood Street
Louisville, CO


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